• 27th North Luzon Area Business Conference


Welcome Message

In behalf of the board of directors, allow me this opportunity to express our collective thank you to the members of PamCham for granting us the privilege of another term of service to the general membership and by consequence, to the business community in Pampanga. Your trust and confidence keeps us motivated and inspired to pursue our advocacies for countryside development.

Never has our advocacies been more relevant than now, as we witness and experience the rapid pace of development in Pampanga. Construction of commercial buildings, shopping malls and other business establishments abound. Real estate development is at an all time high and they are not anymore centered in the cities, but have started to spread out towards the other towns of Pampanga. These investment and development sprawls, when closely motioned and regulated will equitably distribute economic gains towards the more remote areas of the province. This is what we want and this is what we have been working towards and will continue to work for in PamCham.

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