President’s Corner

Excerpts from the 62nd GMM President’s Welcome Remarks

And so I now stand before you once again, in this podium as your President. And just like in my first two consecutive terms, back in 2007 up to 2010, I will commit to fulfilling my responsibilities as your President in the best way I know how. And this is through consultations with you, our dear members, and in the process directly involving you in the activities and advocacies of the chamber.

Just like in PCCI, the working committees serve as the backbone of the chamber. They are also the veritable training ground for future chamber leaders. Their first hand involvement in the activities and advocacies of PamCham, enhances their understanding and appreciation of the relevance of the chamber in the business community. More importantly, they will get to experience the fulfillment of contributing to nation building as compelling advocates for countryside development.

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