President’s Corner

New Year Message
President Renato G. Romero
January 6, 2020

As we begin the new year, 2020, which incidentally is also the start of a new decade in the 21st century and the 3rd millenium, I urge you to be more conscientious and particularly mindful of the vital role, we as businessmen and prime movers of the economy play in out community. Let us contemplate on the fact that we are the generators of employment and providers of livelihood to our countrymen.

We have an overwhelmingly empowering and fulfilling task at our disposal. And if done responsibly and diligently, Our Province, Our Region and ultimately Our Nation, will be able to rise above our growth challenges and reach full development status, sooner rather than later. Our global competitiveness level will be at par with our more developed ASEAN neighbors.

I encourage you to start the year with this mindset, embrace and be motivated by this role, thereafter commit responsibly and diligently exercise this power all throughout the decade. Then in 2030, perhaps we can gauge how we fared by evaluating the level of development Our Province, Our Region and Our Nation have achieved since.

But back to 2020.

Pampanga’s development in the past decade brought about a gradual transformation in the local milieu, both favorable and not so favorable. Most welcome of course is the inflow of investments from major business players and consequent surge in local economic activities that bring about more employment for our workers. As expected, these state of affairs augmented livelihood income of the community and expanded the local economy. On the other hand and not as welcome, because this is now constantly bewailed by the local community, is the increase in local traffic volume that evoke harrowing visions of the congestion in Metro Manila.

As the voice of business, tasked to promote development as well as protect the welfare and interest of the local business community, which severe traffic congestion threatens, among other things, PamCham has been unwavering in its advocacies for government to put in place transport and road infrastructures in the province that will prevent us suffering the same fate and committing mistakes made in the National Capital Region. To complement these efforts, the chamber is adjuring the strict implementation of traffic rules and regulations by the local traffic enforcement.

Working to our advantage in this task is our active involvement in the Regional Development Council where we sit as co-chair of the Sectoral Committee on Infrastructure Development (SCID) which has the DPWH, the LTO, the DILG and our LGUs as members Alongside our partners in government, we regularly consult and propose traffic management measures intended to alleviate congestion and promote balanced development for the province of Pampanga and the Central Luzon region.

For our internal operations, we saw last year the successful re-structuring of our working committees and mobilization of the committee members towards the fulfillment of their respective goals and objectives. This year, we plan to continue in this direction and encourage further involvement in the committees from the rest of the members. We will be persistently resolute in pursuing advocacies that will foster local economic growth that will empower our local homegrown businesses.

Pampanga, is now primed for unprecedented development and sustained growth can  be propelled by the business community which PamCham leads. Now is the most opportune time to get involved and become active participants in the direction setting of our province’s economic growth.

Let us altogether welcome 2020 with renewed hope, positive energy and ebullient cheers in anticipation of an auspicious year ahead.