Pamcham meets with City Mayor Santiago, DPWH and S&R Management to help resolve hazardous u-turn at the JASA

JASAPamCham Chairman Levy Laus discusses possible adjustments in the design of the U-Turn slots and access points of S&R to prevent vehicular collisions at this accident prone area of the JASA with the DPWH. Looking on are City Mayor Edwin Santiago and PamCham President Jim Jimenez. Also present in the meeting were PamCham Vice Chairman Rene Romero, Director Bong Mah, S&R CEO Mr. Tony See, CSFP TMD Head Pines Pineda, Seoyeong Engineering Deputy Project Manager Engr. Cesar Tanega, DPWH Pampanga 1st DEO Engr. Donald Sanchez and DPWH Region 3 Engr. Jose Datu.

PamCham consults with City Mayor Edwin Santiago, DPWH and S&R Management to improve access, allay traffic congestion and hopefully resolve the hazard posed by the u-turn slot fronting S&R at the JASA that east-bound motorists sometimes foolishly use to cross the wide four-lane carriageway to access the opposite lanes which had resulted in numerous injurious collisions with rapidly approaching west-bound vehicles.

Several options were discussed and the S&R management promised to consider the adjustments in its access points pending studies by its own engineers and committed to extend full cooperation with the City and the DPWH in order to ensure the safety of its customers and the motorists traversing the JASA. The next three months will see corrective measures to be implemented by both the City Traffic Management Division and the S&R management to help improve traffic conditions and ensure motorists safety at this junction of the JASA. The DPWH and Seoyeong Engineering on the other hand will make the necessary revisions in the centre lane schematics to accommodate the remedial recommendations discussed and will submit it to the Public Works National Office for consideration and approval for funding.

The consultation meeting was an offshoot of the series of meetings with DPWH and PamCham Vice Chairman Rene Romero subsequent to his written request for the public works department to consider the removal of the “DOG EARS” or convex bumps at the three U-Turn slots which have become accident prone areas due to the sudden swerving of vehicles that can surprise a rapidly approaching car from behind. Approved by the DPWH was the removal of the “DOG EARS” and the provision of dedicated u-turning lanes which will prevent traffic congestion and vehicular accidents.

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