Road Safety and Driver’s Education Committee Formed

PamCham’s increasing concern on the safety and well-being of road users, particularly those plying the national highways – the Mac Arthur and JASA -, prompted the creation of the Road Safety and Driver’s Education committee headed by Vice Chairman Rene Romero.

The committee’s first meeting last July 20 gathered together members – SBITC, 2Go Express, JA Global Logistics Services, Pioneer Insurance, Betis Crafts Inc. and Air 21 – together with Government Partners – DILG, DPWH, CSFP PNP and CSFP Traffic Management Division.

Vice Chairman Rene Romero explained that the formation of the committee and attendant partnership with the relevant National Government Agencies and Local Government Units in Pampanga, is ideal and necessary, as it will facilitate the collaboration of ideas, activities and strategies, that will ensure road safety and impress upon drivers and passengers in Pampanga, the importance of complying with existing traffic laws and regulations, all put in place by government to preserve and protect lives.

The committee agreed that the enforcement of the DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2007-01 that bans tricycles from using the national highways in the province will be their first project. The committee acknowledged and lauded the City of San Fernando for its initiatives at enforcing the ban for tricycles for hire at the Mac Arthur Highway and JASA but also expressed concern on its sustained enforcement without the existence of alternate routes that will run parallel and adjacent to these roads.

The members indicated that the successful implementation and sustained enforcement of the DILG Circular hinges on the development of inner/secondary roads that will link all Barangays in San Fernando that will be used by tricycles and even motorcycles. This will not only prevent gruesome accidents at the highways, with drivers and passengers of these two and three-wheeled conveyances as hapless victims and worse fatal casualties, but will also have the added benefit of decongesting Pampanga’s national roads.

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