Signing Of Memorandum of Agreement Between Department of Social Welfare & Development & Pampanga Chamber of Commerce Inc.


On February 22, 2014, the Department of Social Welfare and Development signed a memorandum of agreement with Pampanga Chamber of Commerce at the Government Center in Maimpis, City of San Fernando.  The signing of the MOA was done by Sec. Dinky Soliman, our PamCham President Jim Jimenez and Sylvia Ordonez, a KDF trustee. The purpose of the agreement is for both government agencies and private sectors to work hand in hand to alleviate poverty by amalgamating resources and man-power to facilitate and implement social and medical services.

Secretary Soliman expressed the sector’s reason for coming up with this joint project. In order to make sure that the projects will be successful, the NGA is enlisting the help of private organizations such as PamCham. The government comes up with the community-based plan and gathers the resources needed to start, while the private sectors in turn would implement and facilitate the venture. The main purpose is to promote livelihood sustenance for the poor and especially the Pantawid beneficiaries. PamCham will contribute through providing skills training and other social welfare services through adopt-a-family program and scholarship projects. Secretary Soliman also gave an example of what project could be done. She Identified an orphanage they have established which caters to over 500 mentally challenged, abandoned children. Each day they consume 6 sacks of rice to feed the whole population and if in the venture, rice production becomes one of the established skills development plan, the NGA could in turn purchase the rice produce thus creating and ensuring a livelihood for the community involved.

The following are what’s stated in the Memorandum of Understanding:


To establish partnerships arrangements to implement are based, community approach through Community Driven Enterprise Development  process in sustaining the livelihood project of the poor and marginalized especially the Pantawid beneficiaries within the context of sustainable development and convergence strategy of the government.



The major activities shall include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Development of a business idea that will undergo pilot implementation in a specific city/municipality.
  2. Profiling and identification of potential beneficiaries for the pilot implementation.
  3. Conduct of joint training and monitoring activities
  4. Assessment of pilot implementation of the adopt family program initiated
  5. Program Management
  6. Sharing available resources relevant to the proposed project for the sole purpose of achieving the desired results of the partnership;
  7. Monitoring , evaluating and assessing the project results and conducting regular meetings to ensure proper coordination and complementation of resources;  and conducting project assessment at the end of implementation pilot project.
  8. To provide the SLP beneficiaries for market opportunities locally and internationally.


The DSWD shall:

  1. Validate the eligibility of the PantawidPamilyang Pilipino beneficiaries and organize into clusters.
  2. Orient the group/association of the SEA-K Scheme and NLEAI in the field operation of DSWD.
  3. Conduct social preparation and team building activities to strengthen the cluster organizations. Provide the required capital seed fund of the organized groups/ associations for start-up or expansion capital
  4. Conduct regular monitoring activities using the standard forms provided by the CDED strategy and consolidate the monitoring results for assessment for further business assistance needed by the beneficiaries
  5. Provide reporting of monitoring of business issues and concerns.
  6. Provide logistical support for the partnership, monthly cluster leaders trainings, and other special trainings
  7. Reproduce advocacy materials such as success stories / best practice for information dissemination.

The PAMCHAM shall

  1.  Implement Community outreach projects such as but not limited to  Feeding Program and   scholarship projects approved and assisted by DSWD.
  2. Adopt a family from the pilot implementation of social welfare program.
  3. Shall provide capacity building support to the program
  4. Assist in the possible employment of Pantawid beneficiaries
  5. Assist in the marketing of products produce by the SLP beneficiaries.



The DSWD and PAMCHAM shall make the necessary arrangements to ensure satisfactory implementation of the partnership based on the Terms of Reference that will be developed upon signing of this MOU. The parties agree to communicate systematically to exchange views and report on accomplishments and resolve policy issues, if any, with regard to this MOU at least once a month.

Accordingly, the DSWD and PAMCHAM have agreed to work out a plan of action which will define the exact initiatives to be undertaken along with their expected outcomes, and which shall be reviewed and renewed at regular intervals.

Before any activity is undertaken pursuant to this MOU, the parties shall agree upon and execute the appropriate Terms of Reference, which shall clearly indicate the parties respective obligations and any applicable deliverables, financial costs and schedules. Let it be known that all documents and actions from hereon shall be executed in full compliance to Philippine laws, rules and regulations.

This MOU shall take effect immediately upon execution by the parties, and shall remain in full force and effect unless sooner terminated in writing for any reason at the instance of any party hereto, which termination shall take effect after one (1) month from actual receipt of such written notice by the other party. Any amendment of the provisions of this MOU should be upon mutual written consent of both parties.

IN FURTHERANCE OF their respective goals, objectives and missions, the parties jointly agree to abide by the provisions of this MOU.

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