The Power of Active Focus


The 15th Learning Session by PamCham was held on March 12, 2014 at Max’s Restaurant in Villa Del Sol and was attended by representatives from the various members of the chamber. Mr. Ace Soliman, the founder and owner of Henyo Factory, facilitated the assembly in a fun, unorthodox and lively style. He is the innovator of the memory-enhancing system called Memorology and is currently the head coach for Einstein’s Memory in Pampanga, which is a business entity that focuses on training the people how to unleash the genius within.

So what is Active Focus? As introduced by Ace, it is a conscious effort to identify the value or outcome of a perceived event.  It is so beneficial especially in the business industry because focus is the base to all thinking. Your ability to perceive, memorize and solve problems relies on your ability to focus.  For business-driven individuals, it plays a big role since it will help them think more effectively and therefore perform and deliver in a timely, efficient and productive manner. We are surrounded by many distractions that take away our attention to what’s important. This session will enhance person’s memory and ability to retain and keep a hold of important details needed to perform well in this industry.

The session identified key points to have active focus, suspects to why we do not pay attention and steps in improving it,among other things. Ace also provided individual and group activities in reference to the seminar proper. One of the activities is called Crossroads where an individual’s observation skills were tested. It taught the partakers to pay attention to body language and not just what is being verbalized. Near the end was where 3 of Ace’s colleagues graced the audience with a show of the ability to memorize number and items after hearing it just once. It was a demonstration of what an individual can achieve after taking up all three stages of his Synergy Workshop.Overall, the session solidified the role that active focus plays in a business’ growth and development since it is a product of an individual’s own active focus.


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